5000th Image Posted

The 5000th image was posted recently, I didn't even notice it had happened! The lucky user: ambient-avalancher


Art Thieves: BEWARE!

There is a website which is stealing art and selling the prints of them, trying to make money off your hard work. Sadly, it is damn near impossible to find your own work in the mess that they have of a search.


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B-Man of Bowski Productions has quickly come to dominate the top 15 of the site, having now all but one slot. His theme of damsels in distress mixed with pinup styles, with the ladies usually getting out of trouble on their own, as well as the subtle use of the environment to make hidden parts of the pictures make him a site favourite. He maintains more pictures on his own website, linked in his profile, as well as maintaining an impressive collection of art on deviantArt.

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